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Martin R. Broadley Professor of Plant Nutrition International Food & Nutrition Research Dissemination Conference Food and Nutrition Security for a Healthier and Productive Nation ‘You are what you eat’ October 26th-27th 2016 Bingu International Conference Centre, Lilongwe, Malawi Progress in quantifying mineral micronutrient deficiencies in Malawi through Agriculture-Nutrition links The Law of the Minimum Improving NUE in crop production - formulations Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) Liebig’s Law of the Minimum Zn K Ca N Mg P http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justus_von_Liebig http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Minimum-Tonne.svg Selenium Essential for animals (but not plants) 25 selenoprotein genes in mammals Many roles in health: immune function thyroid function / iodine metabolism cardiovascular health fertility cancer ? Serum/ plasma Selenium biomaker Refere selenium (ng/ml) Yang et al 198 >3200- >3200-7500 ng/ml toxicity - death/mortality 2002 7500 > Requirements, up to toxic effects Reid et al 2004 >490- Selenium related side-effects; no serious toxicity <640 Lippman et al >250 Selenium related side-effects; hair loss, dermatitis 180 Yu et al 1999, 160 Protection against some cancers; [increased risk of diabetes, high blood 2007, Laclaus pressure and hypertension] Nomura et al 2 140 Protection against some cancers; reduction in total mortality al 2001, Bleys Adequacy/’optimal’ et al 1999, [Vo Combs et al 20 120 Optimisation of selenoprotein P, protection against some cancers, reduction in Hurst 2010, Th total mortality Bleys et al 200 100 Thompson 20 80 Optimisation of glutathione peroxidase Thompson 20 60 Optimisation of iodothyronine deiodinases Deficiency

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