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Fitness Collection 2011-2012 www.bremshey.com Fit for Life Bremshey Sport fitness equipment makes it easy and enjoyable to workout at home. With our compact and versatile collection we make exercising easy, comfortable and above all fun! We believe in “Fit for Life” as it is very important to maintain your health and quality of life with freedom of movement. Bremshey Sport takes the time to make sure the fitness equipment we design is easy-to-use and motivational, to help you reach your fitness goals and maintain your health for life. About Bremshey The Bremshey Sport® brand stands for functionality, easy-to-use technology and quality. With fitness equipment for all ages and all levels, we offer something for beginners, the more experienced trainers and true athletes. The rich history of the Bremshey family started more than 40 years ago in Solingen, Germany and you can still find the traditional ‘German quality roots’ in all Bremshey Sport products. 2 Green, practical and attractive Fit for Life also means that we have a strong and natural connection with the environment. We strongly believe that a healthy planet is essential for being fit for life. With this in mind, all Bremshey Sport products are created under strong environmental regulations (RoHS compliancy). To be more environmental friendly, we have developed our top models (excluding treadmills) for each category to be self generating. This also adds to it being more user friendly without any sockets and power cables needed: just install the machine wherever you want and start training immediately. Working out, while being environmental friendly! ‘Functional design’ The traditional Bremshey Sport ‘ease-of-use’ means that you don’t need to understand complicated technology. You can get started right away. This is also translated in the design of the machines. With robust frame in black and white with subtle orange accents, the family of Bremshey Sport products offer a distinctive look, and emphasize the well-known dependable quality of a Bremshey Sport. The new collection makes it even more fun to train on a Bremshey Sport machine. Unique features ECO The brand new line of Bremshey is developed with the green-planet-ideology in mind. Various models are generating the needed energy independently from the power supply. The user truly is the motor and generates the energy for the product while training. With built-in batteries, all generated energy will be saved. This means that you can even check the console after a workout and see your training results. COMFORT Feeling comfortable is one of the top requirements for every fitness equipment user. It is as important as the result of working out: it gives a good feeling during workout and when achieving a training goal. All equipment is designed to guaranty easy access, as well as a comfortable and ergonomic body position. SMART Smart technology will help you to focus on your workout. Smart features that makes it more easy to use the Bremshey equipment, and features that supports your work out. 3 CROSS Workout all muscle groups with a versatile training Muscle groups Unique features ECO Silent, economical and independent. The new self generating concept in the crosstrainer line gives you the freedom to place the crosstrainer anywhere in your home, and guarantees the needed power supply with every stride you make. Your contribution to a green planet! COMFORT Easy access, no barriers. The front driven crosstrainer has an extra easy and safe ‘step-on’. Another item in the comfort concept is the unbeatable biomechanic moveme

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