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a bdullah’s Salaah Time Indicator Operating Manual Version 4.0 Abdullah’s Electronics Centre Customer care 2/12, Mo lalnagar 3, M G road, Goregaon west, Mumbai-400090 India 81080 33322 Tel : 022 2878 8108 abdullahs.in email : s 4masjid@gmail.com 81080 66622 2 UNDERSTANDING THE UNIT Opera on in auto mode and manual mode The unit can be used in Auto mode or Manual mode. In Auto mode the unit functions fully automatically without any need for day-to-day settings. In manual mode Jama'at times don't change automatically, you have to set them as per your requirement. Other parameters (day, date, makrooh times, Sahr & Iftar etc) will change automatically in manual mode also. We recommend you to use the unit in Auto mode. However, if you want to change Jama'at times as per your need, you may use it in manual mode. Shafa’i / Hanafi preference The unit is suitable for all school of thoughts (Shafa’i, Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali). Select HANF for Salaah times as per Hanafi school. Select SHAF for Shafa’i or Maliki or Hambali school. Indica on and beep for Salaahs Salaah times (i.e. Jama'at times) are indicated by the Green Indicator with ] sign. For all the Salaahs, beep is only for one second so that it won't disturb the aqamat. However, flashing of indicator continues for one minute. Countdown before Jama'at There is a countdown for last one minute before each Salaah. The unit starts counting seconds in decreasing order for the last one minute before Jama'at till it becomes 00 seconds and the clock time matches the Jama'at time. Indica on and beep for Azan The unit has a reminder for Mu'azzin to give Azan on time. When the Azan is due, it reminds the mua'zzin by flashing the Green Indicator with sign. Flashing continues for one minute. It also gives a beep. Indica on and beep for Tulu, Zawal & Ghurub It is makrooh (disliked) to offer Salaah during sunrise and sunset. (See our write up for ahadith on this topic.) The unit flashes the Red Indicator with sign during makrooh period. Also it gives a beep in the beginning. Indica on and beep for Sahr & I ar 3 The unit has indication for Sahr and Iftar during the holy month of Ramazan. It flashes the Green Indicator with sign to show Sahr time is over or Iftar time has begun. Current Event Current event is one of the most important feature of this unit. It shows awaal (start) time and aakhir (end) time of each event. It shows complete 24 -hours cycle viz. Fajr – Tulu – Isharaq – Chasht – Zawal – Zuhar – Asr – Maghrib – Isha – Tahajjud. First it shows start and end times of FAJR. The moment Fajr time is over, it automatically shows start and end time of Tulu. After Tulu time is over it shows Ishraq, then Chasht and so on. It shows duration of each event as it occurs. Messages for important events in Hijri calender The unit shows message to indicate some important days in Hijri calendar. These days are : 1st Muharram - NEW YEAR 10th Muharram - ASHURA 1st Shawwal - EID FITR 12th Zul-Hujj - EID AZHA Ba ery back up If your unit is with battery back up, it will work even during the power failures. It uses imported sealed maintenance-free lead acid rechargeable battery. The unit has a built-in charger which takes care of keeping the battery fully charged. The battery has life expectancy of 1 to 3 years depending upon the power situation and usage at site. If the unit doesn't operate during power failures, it could mean that the battery might have been damaged and needs replacement. In such a case, replace the battery with a new one of similar specifications. If your unit doesn't have battery back up, then it will go off during the power failure. However, all the settings will be preserved. The real time clock would continue functioning. When power supply resumes, the unit will start functioning without any need for re-settings. SETTINGS 4 Important instructions : * While setting, direction of the remote control should be towards the sensor sensor * You should look at two main clocks - Time and Jama’at * ENTER is a long button at the bottom on remote. Press it on the right hand side for proper operation. * If the remote control is not used for more than 2 minutes, it locks automatically. You should unlock it before using. Open remote LOCK Press SET SET It shows LOC on the display ENTER It opens the lock and shows SET on the display

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