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FOUNDATION AUGERS FOR USE ON THE FOLLOWING CARRIES Foundation Drill Rigs PENGO AUGER SOIL CHART Pengo has developed the chart below to help you decide which auger will be best suited for your project. The above triangles and color guide will be included with all products where applicable. 1 dirt; peat, organic silts, very loose sand, very soft, swamp, marsh soil abrasion: low 2 sand; loose, fine sand; loess and medium clay, flood plain soils, lake clay soil abrasion: medium 3 silt; coarse sand to stiff clay, dense hydraulic fill, compacted fill, residual soils soil abrasion: high 4 clay; stiff to very stiff clay, glacial till, hard-pan, marls soil abrasion: low to medium 5 gravel; basalt, very hard silts and clay, weathered laminated rock soil abrasion: high 6 fracturable rock; caliche, coarse gravel and cobbles; frozen soil soil abrasion: high 7 non-fracturable rock; granite, basalt, massive limestone soil abrasion: high PENGO FOUNDATION AUGERS Carrier Auger(s) Compatible Pengo will commonly refer to the "parts" of the auger to help determine which one is suitable to your needs. Please use the diagram to the right as a reference guide when Flat Bottom, S-Pattern, Spiral Rock Augers; determining out the auger you would like quoted. Pan Augers; Drill Buckets; Core Barrels Drill Rig FLIGHT Wraps around HUB the hub Connection Type/Size OVERALL LENGTH (OAL) From top of hub to bottom of CENTER SHAFT pilot FLIGHT THICKNESS HOLDER PILOT ADAPTER TEETH PILOT FOUNDATION AUGERS FLAT BOTTOM DIRT AUGER Double Cut Double Carry shown CONNECTIONS AUGER DIAMETERS 3" 3 1/2" 4" SQUARE SQUARE SQUARE Standard Flight 24" TO 120" Thickness for Lead and Carry Sections: 1", 1 1/2" and 2" Flight Wraps Around Hub 133MM 150MM CUT DIAMETER 177MM 200MM True Cut diameter is equal to the auger diameter. DRILLING SOIL CONDITIONS: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT RECOMMENDED

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