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STI’s & Barrier Methods Egyptian images show men wearing condoms. It’s not clear whether they were worn for protection, or for ritual. Regardless, they were B.C. 1,000 likely made of linen. Earliest evidence of condoms in Europe are scenes from cave paintings in 200 A.D. 100- Combarrelles, France, painted around 100-200 A.D.. Italian researcher, Gabrielle Fallopius, found linen sheaths were effective for 1500 prevention of infection and pregnancy. Condoms were made from sheep, lamb and goat intestines, and even 1700 sometimes from fish skin. Legendary 19th century lover Casanova was a regular user of condoms, referring to them as ‘redingote Anglaise’ (English riding coat). Charles Goodyear obtained a patent for a crepe rubber condom. First U.S. print advertisement for condoms in the NY Times. Comstock Law passed that prohibited advertising any birth control and allowed the postal service to confiscate condoms. First latex condoms produced. Social hygienists promoted idea that those who risked getting “veneral diseases” deserved the consequences. U.S. troops were prohibited from having condoms, Early 1844 1861 1873 1880’s 1900’s and as a result, 70% of U.S. soldiers had STD’s. FDR, then Secretary of the Navy ordered distribution of condoms when his boss was away. Condoms issued to U.S. soldiers out of fear that they would bring STD’ s home to their wives. Government Training films urged “Don’t forget to put it on before you put it in.” “Free love” meant a decline in condom usage. The Supreme Court ruled that no state could bar minors from 1942 1960’s 1977 purchasing condoms. The Surgeon General stated that, other than abstinence, the most effective way to protect against HIV was using a latex condom every time. 1980’s Insertable (female) condoms made of polyurethane introduced to the market place by Danish MD Lasse Hessel. Dental dams, which had been used by dentists to isolate teeth in the oral The History of the Condom cavity since the late 1800’s, were first used for sexual protection. Introduction of lots of different types of condoms: colored, ribbed, flavored, and the first polyurethane 1990’s condoms. Second generation insertable condoms made from synthetic nitrile, which reduced the noisiness of the product. 2000’s Roll-On Condom Fun Facts • About 5,000,000,000 condoms get used world-wide every year. • The Danish word for condom is “svangerskabsforebygendemiddel.” • An average condom can hold about 4 quarts of liquid. • 40-70% of the world’s condom buyers are women. • There are about 100 different brands of condoms on the market. • The Ramses brand condom is named after the great pharaoh Ramses II who fathered over 160 children. • Condoms can stretch 800%! That’s almost 3 feet! • Giacomo Casanova may have been among the first to engage in informal “quality testing” of his condoms. Today, condoms are rigorously tested, and as long as you use them correctly and consisten

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