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Avis Technique 2/10-476 The contents of this catalog are protected by Intellectual Property Law, Royal Decree 1 / 1996. Any reproduction of it, in whole or in part, without the consent of Porelanosa Grupo is liable under the Penal Code. Index 6 Ceramic ventilated façade 88 Ventilated façade & KRION 116 Cladding substructure 120 VF-Stone System 126 Bonded façade 142 Finished projects 147 How to get a budget of a butech system? 148 Showrooms 8 Projects 36 Ventilated façade 40 Tiles for ventilated façades 50 Façade renovation 66 Technical details 74 Ventilated façade & XLight Ceramic ventilated façade FFB. French building federation (Tours - France) Arch. Claude Blanchet 8 9 Single-family building (Paris - France) 10 11 New Ambroise Pare Hospital (Marsella - France) - Arch. Ludovic Bisi and Stéphan Bernard. Carta Associes 12 13 La CUB offices (Burdeos - France) - Arch. Joël Maurice - BDM 14 15 Court of justice building (Villarreal - Spain) - Arch. Guillamón Rubert Asociados 16 17 Termas de Monte Real Hotel (Leiria - Portugal) - Arch. Antonio Garcia 18 19 Private house (Valencia - Spain) Arch. Francisco Nebot 20 21 Puerto Azahar (Castellón - Spain) Private house (Madrid - Spain) - Arch. Manuel Erades Alonso 22 23 Single-family building (Mussonville - France) - Arch. Laurent Bourhis 24 25 Private House (Valencia - Spain) - Arch. Duart-Vila arquitectes S.L. 26 27 Single-family building (Barcelona - Spain) - Arch. Abaa arquitectes associats S.L. 28 29 Offices building (Paris - France) 30 31 Jaen University (Jaen - Spain) - Arch. Gómez-Cruz-Cobo practice 32 33 Public building (Murcia - Spain) - Arch. Raul Torres Rubio 34 35 Ventilated façade Energy savings and sustainable development The façade is both the image of the building and the envelope that protects it from the elements. Thanks to its special Considerable improvements in the thermal behaviour of the façade, by increasing the thermal resistance of the envelope features, the STON-KER® ventilated façade provides buildings with a wide range of technical and aesthetics benefits. or overall improvement in the performance of the façade, as well as many other benefits. • Reduction of the thermal transmission coefficient (U) of the • Porcelain tiles do not emit volatile organic compounds building envelope by increasing the thermal resistance by (VOCs). convection of the outer surface of the envelope. • 100% recyclable natural product. • Easier installation of the insulation material on the outside 4 of the existing envelope in renovations or new projects. butech has evaluated the energy efficiency of the STON-KER® 3 •

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