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MODERN REJUVENATION METHODS BY CHARLES EVANS MORRIS, M.D. PUBLISHED BY SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL PUBLISHING CO. 249 WEST 34th STREET NEW YORK COPYRIGHT, 1926 * ** * • • . . . . . .BY - . . sqlBNTFFIC * * * ** * - MEGICAL PUBLISHING Co. . All rights reserved, including the right :: • * * *** of translation into foreign •." : * • .. . . ." .. . . . . . .. . languages. . . . . . : - PUBLISHER'S PREFACE Can modern science make men and women young again? Can the abundant life, health and spirit of youth be renewed? Foremost scientists claim that this is pos sible and point with pride to the fact that already withered, ailing, wrinkled, forgetful "has-beens" have been turned into alert, healthy, vigorous persons fired with the energy of romantic youth. Younger people, also, who have never enjoyed full normal development, or who have burned up their energies too rapidly, have been given a renewal of their full "birthright" by men of science. Dr. Morris, the author of this epoch-making book, shows how these astonishing results can now be obtained by anyone. He has written this book in a popular man ner to give to the world the results of his own careful personal experience. He shows that rejuvenation is no longer a precious possession to be obtained by the rich alone, but has been made available to all. Yet the methods he has used are simple in the extreme and he shows how his own surprising accomplishments and brilliant success with the hundred and one ailments that sorely beset mankind can now be duplicated by any one. There is nothing technical or involved. These modern miracles, which have attracted world-wide attention in the greatest scientific circles, are obtained entirely with out operations of any kind and without the use of drugs. Dr. Morris puts forth no new theories, no fads, no ex periments. He has simply used agencies that have been thoroughly demonstrated for several years in the leading clinics throughout the world. The same methods are available to any other physjciajivo*} individual. vi PUBLISHER'S PREFACE Millions of people are yearning for the truth about re juvenation, which does not mean simply the renewal of sexual energies, but an abundance of life, health, energy and freedom from organic, neurotic and psychic difficulties from which half the human race is seriously afflicted. The author takes the reader step by step showing clearly how rejuvenation is accomplished and how the body is restored to bountiful health. In the past few years physiology may be said to have been revolutionized by our new knowledge of the endo crine glands and their control over looks, personality, age, thought, love, sex, happiness, sickness and human energy. The way they control all mental and physical functions and how they can be stimulated to bring about rejuvenescence is well told herein by Dr. Morris. Dr. Morris gives due credit to Dr. Wm. J. A. Bailey, director of the Bailey Radium Laboratories of East Orange, N. J., the eminent scientist, whose researches in the field of radioactivity and endocrinology have earned the tributes of the medical profession. Anyone who reads will understand the basic principles involved in this great treatment. You are entitled to the word of the scientist. You have a right to know what the most recent discoveries can do for you. Read this great book with care, for it will have a far-reaching effect upon the lives of those who would otherwise be denied the blessings of youthful activities and mental energies throughout greatly extended careers and bring to them a tremendous enhancement of mental and physical powers. If you lack health or buoyant vitality or if you are approaching the chasm of the infinite this book will surely point the way to a new life of hap piness and usefulness. We particularly call the reader's attention to chapter XXII of this book, in which Dr. Morris admirably sums up the results of his work in many different bodily dis turbances. Leading doctors in all parts of the world are to-day giving the rejuvenating treatment depicted herein by the PUBLISHER'S PREFACE vii author. The entire medical world is rapidly awakening to the tremendous possibilities offered for the cure or alleviation of most hopeless conditions through this modern scientific method. The Publishers THESE ARE THE AILMENTS which the author states can be successfully treated by

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