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Torah r esource.com Resources & eLearning for the Torah Community ‫אלף־בית‬ Aleph-Bet Learning to Write the Aleph-Bet in Block & Cursive by Tim Hegg ©1999 All rights reserved The Aleph-Bet ‫ א‬- Aleph Aleph has no sound of its own but originally was a glottal stop, like the beginning sound of “uh-huh”. ‫ א‬- Aleph (cursive) ‫ָאּבָא ָאדֹנ ַי ֱאלֹהִים‬ ‫אבא אדני אלהים‬ ‫ ב‬- Bet Bet has two different sounds, “B” ‫“ = ּב‬b” ‫“ = ב‬v” if it has a dot (dagesh) in it [‫ ]ּב‬and “V” if it does not have dagesh [‫]ב‬ ‫ ב‬- Bet (cursive) ©1999 All rights reserved ‫ּבַית ּבָרּו ְך ּבֵן ָאּבָא טֹוב‬ ‫בן אבא טוב‬  The Aleph-Bet ‫ ג‬- Gimmel Gammal in Hebrew means “camel”. ‫=ג‬G Does the shape of the Gimmel re- mind you of a camel? ‫ ג‬- Gimmel (cursive) Gimmel sounds like “G” as in “go” ‫גן גואל הגדה‬ ‫גָמָל ג ָדֹול ג ִּבֹור‬ Horizontal stroke extends past the ‫ ד‬- Dalet Dalet makes the sound of “D” as in “dog” vertical leg of the letter ‫=ד‬D ‫ ד‬- Dalet (cursive) ©1999 All rights reserved ‫אדני הגדול הגדה‬ ‫דָן‬ ‫דֶ ֶר ְך‬ ‫דֹודִי‬  The Aleph-Bet Vowel signs (‫)נקודות‬ Vowel signs are written: Under the letter Beside the letter Under & beside the letter ‫ָּב‬ ֹ‫ּב‬ ‫ּבִי‬ Two vowels which say “a” as in “fa­ther” ‫ָּב‬ ‫ַּב‬ qametz ‫ ָקמֵץ‬ patach ‫ ָּפּתָח‬ Two vowels which say “ee” as in “feet” ‫ִּב‬ ‫ּבִי‬ chiriq qatan chiriq gadol ‫ חִירִיק ָקטָן‬ ‫חִירִיק ג ָדֹול‬ Two vowels which say “o” as in “hole” ֹ‫ּב‬ ‫ּבֹו‬ ©1999 All rights reserved cholam cholam vav ‫חֹולָם‬ ‫חֹולָם ו ָו‬  The Aleph-Bet be sure there is a break here ‫ ה‬- Hey Hey sounds like “H” as in “hat”, but at the end of a word it is silent. ‫=ה‬H ‫ ה‬- Hey (cursive) ‫הֹורָה הַר צּיֹון ִהנ ֵה‬ ‫אברהם הגדה התורה‬ be sure the top stroke does not go ‫ ו‬- Vav Vav sounds like the letter “V”, and sometimes a vav is used to indicate a vowel. past the horizontal leg ‫=ו‬V ‫ ו‬- Vav (cursive) ©1999 All rights reserved ‫וָעֶד ו ֵאלֹהֵי אֲבֹותֵינּו‬ ‫אני ואדי מצוות‬  The Aleph-Bet the horizontal stroke goes ‫ ז‬- Zayin Zayin sounds like the “Z” beyond the verticle leg in Zoo ‫=ז‬Z ‫ ז‬- Zayin (cursive) ‫זָהָב מְזּוז ָה ז ָ ֵקנ ִים‬ ‫מזמור לדוד זקן‬ Note:

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