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Plastic Trade Name Listings from A to Z For more info visit www.professionalplastics.com To Search, Click Ctrl + F A Tradename Material Manufacturer Aarolene PE, PS, PP Aaron Industries Aaroprene SBS, SEBS, TPV Aaron Industries Abifor ABS So.F.Ter S.p.A. Absoloy ABS/PBT Daicel Chemical Industries Abson ABS/PVC alloy PolyOne Abstrene ABS Martogg &Company Abstron ABS Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. Absylux ABS Westlake Plastics Acarb PC Aquafil Technopolymers Acclear High clarity PP BP plc Accpro Enhanced PP BP plc Acctuf Impact copolymer PP BP plc Accucomp Blended compounds Aclo Compounders Accuguard Flame retardant compounds Aclo Compounders Acculoy Alloyed resins Aclo Compounders Accutech Engineering resins Aclo Compounders Acester PBT Aquafil Technopolymers Acetron POM Quadrant Achieve mPP ExxonMobil Chemical Achilles PMMA, Foamed PS, PUR Achilles Corporation Aclam Fluoropolymer film Honeywell Specialty Films Aclon Fluoropolymer Honeywell Specialty Films Acnor PPO/PPE Aquafil Technopolymers Acoustiflex PU foam Huntsman Acrigel PMMA Resarbras da Bahia S.A. Acrycl PMMA ENCOR Pty Ltd Acrycast PMMA sheet Calsak Corporation Acrylimax ABS Gitto Global Corp Acrylite PMMA sheet Cyro Industries Acryma PMMA sheet JSC DOS Acrypet PMMA Mitsubishi Rayon Acryrex PMMA Chi Mei Industrial Acsium Chlorosulfonated PE DuPont Acstyr ABS Aquafil Technopolymers Actimer TPE Riken Technos ActiTuf PET M&G Polymers USA Acudel PPSU Solvay Acvitron Flexible PVC Actiplast Adell Thermoplastic resin Adell Adflex PP Basell Addilene PP Addiplast Addinyl PA 6, PA 66 Addiplast Adiprene Solid PU elastomers Chemtura Corporation Admer Modified polyolefin adhesive resin Mitsui Chemicals Adpro PP Huntsman Adstif Olefin Copolymer Basell Adsyl Seal resins Basell Advex Extrusion PVC PolyOne Aegis PA 6 nonocomposite Honeywell Specialty Polymers Affinity Polyolefin elastomer Dow Chemical Aflas TFE/P Asahi Glass Company Ltd. Aflon PFA, E/TFE Asahi Glass Company Ltd. Aida ABS, HIPS, PC, PMMA, PP sheet Noavaran Aida Plastic Aim HIPS Dow Chemical AI Polymer PAI Mitsubishi Gas Company Airex Linear PVC foam Alusuisse Airex AG Aklamid PA 6, PA 66 Akai Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS Akmaril ABS Akai Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS Akrolen PP KD Fedderson Akromid PA 6, PA 66 KD Fedderson Akron HIPS Akai Plastik Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS Akrylon PMMA Povazske Chemicke Zavody Akulon PA 6, PA 66 DSM Akuloy PA 6, PA 66 DSM Akurate Thermoplastic resin Rajiv Plastic Industries Alamid PA 6, PA 66 LEIS Polytechnik GmbH Alastian PE, PP Alastian Alathon HDPE Equistar Chemicals Albis-Polyamid PA 6, PA 66 Albis Alcom PA 66, POM Albis Alcryn TPE Ferro Alcudia EVA

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