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APR President’s Annual Report 2013 In pursuit of fulfilling my mission from the first year of my Presidency, I organized two major events with the support of the Kuwaiti Government, where Craftspeople from various countries gathered on one platform to exchange expertise and knowledge, build friendship and sell products. One was REGIONAL launched in January at the beginning of the year, and the other was INTER-REGIONAL, launched in November at the end of the year. As seen below, a number of activities, including APR Board Meetings, special meetings with APR Vice Presidents and other members, attending crafts festivals and expos, took place in between. The major events were held in January and November 2013. I. January 20-25th, 2013: “The WCC-APR Handicraft Week” In January 20-25, 2013, the first leg of my REGIONAL Mission materialized in the event of “The WCC-APR Handicraft Week” held in Kuwait. Initiated by APR Presidency in collaboration with the Secretary General of National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters (NCCAL ), craftspeople, WCC President, APR Board members and other guests from 18 Asian-Pacific countries were invited to Kuwait from the furthest ends of Asia Pacific Regions, West and East, North and South, to participate in this event. The Asia Pacific Handicrafts Week, inaugurated by the Minister of Information & State Minister for Youth Affairs, H.E. Shaikh Salman al-Humoud al-Sabah, was initiated by APR President Dr.Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi in collaboration with the Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters, Eng. Ali al-Youha. WCC-APR Flag in front of Kuwait National Press Conference with APR Board Members preceded the th Museum Theatre Building opening ceremony held at Hyatt Regency Hotel on Jan 20 . 1 Opening Ceremony The event comprised of the following activities: 1. A WORKSHOP entitled “Artisans at Work”: Guest craftspeople met with each other and with the host craftspersons to demonstrate their skills and to exchange friendly relations. 1. NCCAL Secretary General, Eng. Ali al-Youha with APR Felt Craftswoman from Kyrgyzstan at work President visiting a Malaysian artisan at Work after the Opening Ceremony NCCAL Secretary General visiting the booth of a Kuwaiti Basket Weaver and a Jewelry Artisan 2 A craftswoman from Taiwan demonstrating her craft NCCAL Secretary General watching a Chinese craftswoman demonstrating her craft 2. Recycling demonstration entitled “From Waste to Wealth”: Guest artisans met with a large number of Kuwaiti artisans, specifically students. A Young Kuwaiti Student demonstrating recycled An Artisan from Australia demonstrating her recycled paper to the visitors jewelry 3. An EXHIBITION entitled “UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts” where awarded products from South, South East, Central and East Asia were show- cased. This was the first time that an APR comprehensive exhibition of UNESCO awarded products was set up since the inception of this award. It was curated by Ms. Nirula Manjari, VP of South Asia sub-region. H.E. the Head of the NCCAL, NCCAL Secretary General, H.E. APR President, Immediate Past APR President, and the the Indian Ambassador in Kuwait, and the VPs of South Asia VP of South Asia with H.E. the Head of the NCCAL and and Central Asia the NCCAL Secretary General 3 The VP of South Asia, NCCAL Secretary General, H.E. H.E Shaikh Humud al-Sabah the Head of the NCCAL Head of the NCCAL, WCC-President and WCC-Secretary with the VP of Central Asia General at the Opening of the Exhibition 4. A PANEL DISCUSSION of Two Sessions: a. English on crafts topics, whereby members from APR Executive Board spoke: (1) Y.M.Raja Datin Paduka Fuziah binti Raja Tun Uda from Malaysia, on “World Crafts Council/WCC: History and Objectives”, (2) Ms. Surapee Rojanavongse from Thailand on “Crafts and Education”, (3) Ms. Sayyada Ruby Ghuznavi from Bangladesh, on “Natural Dyes-Training of Trainers (TOT)”, and (4) Mr. Edric Ong from Malaysia, on APR Executive Board Members who participated in the Panel Discussion in English “Marketing Promotion-Exhibitions of Craft

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