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MICROSCOPES and CAMERAS BIOLOGICAL STEREO INVERTED POLARIZATION FLUORESCENCE METALLURGICAL CAMERAS TABLET CAMERA THE COMPANY BEL Engineering® s.r.l. is an italian company manufacturer of Electronic Precision Balances and laboratory scientific instruments, with Headquarters in Monza (Milano), ITALY. The company was born at the beginning of the Eighties, taking care from the very beginning to its own production through a constant, deep scientific and technological research. Each step of production process of Balances (mechanics, electronics, software, design) is completely followed, so ensuring a 360 degrees quality check on each part related to the electronic balance and to other products, such as Microscopes. The experience stored during the years and the direct design of our products ensures BEL Engineering srl to be strongly innovative and to be able to give an accurate and quick technical support thanks to a qualified and skilled personell. Thanks to this background and to a refined "italian style", each product of Bel Engineering combines Quality, Design and Performance. BEL Photonics® is a division of BEL Engineering® s.r.l. concerned with Optical instruments design and Optical Microscopy. Bel Photonics leads the field of Optical Microscopy with a innovative range of Video Microscopes, biological, stereo, inverted microscopes and high-resolution cameras for Microscopy. BEL Engineering s.r.l. has its production and Research & Development headquarters in Monza, ITALY, with other productive branch units in the most crucial parts of the world. BEL Engineering s.r.l. Quality system is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, certification n. 39000071401 www.belengineering.com info@belengineering.com twitter: BEL_Engineering CATALOGUE SUMMARY - 01/2015 – PAGE BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPES BIO2 1 SOLARIS 2 STUDENT BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPES BIO1 3 STEREO MICROSCOPES STMPRO 4 STMDLX 5 STM800 6 INVERTED BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPES INV100 7 METALLURGICAL UPRIGHT MICROSCOPES MTM-1A upright 8 MTM-100 inverted 9 FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPES INV100-FL inverted 10 FLUO-3 upright 11 POLARIZATION MICROSCOPES MPL-1, MPL-2 12 VIDEO AND CAMERAS FOR MICROSCOPES TABKAM X1 TABLET VIDEO CAMERA for Microscopes 13 HIGH-RESOLUTION CAMERAS for Microscopes 14--15--16 BIOLOGICAL – INVERTED – STEREO – FLUORESCENCE – POLARIZATION – METALLURGICAL – INDUSTRY –STUDENT – VIDEO HEAD – CAMERAS – ACCESSORIES – SERVICE – KNOW HOW BIOLOGICAL BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE ► BIO2 BIO2 series is an innovative line of biological microscope with refined style and with an optical system suitable for most laboratory microscopy applications. In fact these microscopes mount as standard a Koehler illuminator, widefield eyepieces, 5 places inward tilt nosepiece, halogen bulb or LED. Can accept dark field and phase contrast as accessories. All this, combined with an refined

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