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SD-01-333 Bendix® Tu-Flo® 550 Air Compressor DISCHARGE UNLOADER VALVE STOP COVER AIR DISCHARGE WATER OUTLET DISCHARGE VALVE WATER INLET DISCHARGE VALVE SEAT AIR INLET CRANKCASE DISCHARGE PISTON RINGS VALVE SPRING GOVERNOR CRANKCASE MOUNTING PAD CONNECTING PISTON ROD CRANKSHAFT PIECE NO. ® ® TAG BENDIX TU-FLO 550 AIR COMPRESSOR (CROSS SECTION) DESCRIPTION BENDIX® TU-FLO® 550 AIR COMPRESSOR (EXTERIOR) The function of the air compressor is to provide and maintain air under pressure to operate devices in the air brake and/or auxiliary air systems. The Bendix® Tu-Flo® 550 UNLOADER compressor is a two cylinder single stage, reciprocating CYLINDER compressor with a rated displacement of 13.2 cubic feet HEAD INLET VALVE per minute at 1250 RPM. The compressor assembly consists of two major subassemblies, the cylinder head and the crankcase. The INLET VALVE cylinder head is an iron casting which houses the inlet, SEAT discharge, and unloader valving. (See Figure 1.) The cylinder head contains the air inlet port and is designed with both top and side air discharge ports. Three water INLET coolant ports provide a choice of coolant line connections. Governor mounting surfaces are provided at both the front INLET VALVE SPRING and the rear of the cylinder head. The head is mounted on the crankcase and is secured by six cap screws. The Tu-Flo® 550 compressor is designed such that the cylinder head can be installed in one of two positions which are 180 degrees apart. The crankcase houses the cylinder bores, END VIEW OF CYLINDER HEAD pistons, crankshaft and main bearings, and provides the flange or base mounting surface. 1 UNLOADER COVER AIR DISCHARGE PLATE AIR DISCHARGE WATER AIR INLET WATER WATER GOVERNOR FIGURE 1 - CYLINDER HEAD CAT MACK MACK MACK CUMMINS DETROIT CAT BASE (MACK STYLE) EXTENDED "FOXHEAD" DIESEL MOUNT FIGURE 2 - FLANGE CONFIGURATIONS Various mounting and drive configurations, as shown in INTAKE AND COMPRESSION OF AIR (LOADED) Figure 2, are supplied as required by the vehicle engine During the down stroke of the piston, a slight vacuum is designs. A nameplate identifying the compressor piece created between the top of the piston and the cylinder head, number and serial number is attached to the side of the causing the inlet valve to move off its seat and open. (Note: crankcase. (Reference Figure 3.)

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