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CHRISTOPHER BRINK & ASSOCIATES Textbook Catalogue Gateways to Engineering Studies Published by Christopher Brink and Associates Welcome to the Gateway Series The Gateways Series to Engineering Studies has been designed to meet the needs of students and lecturers of the National Certificate (NATED) programmes. This series assists students in achieving the National Certificate (NATED) qualification the Artisan development programme. Gateways not only equips students with the required knowledge, understanding and practical skills, but also empowers them to apply this learning with confidence in the classroom and ultimately in the workplace. Lecturers have the assurance of knowing that this Student Book covers the entire curriculum (syllabus). Activities have been carefully aligned to the curriculum and graded to the appropriate level. The student Book includes past examination papers and marking guidelines. i Index MECHANICAL / MOTOR / WELDING / BOILERMAKING / AUTO-ELECTRICAL/ PANELBEATING & SPRAY PAINTING n N1 Engineering Drawing 1 n N2 Engineering Drawing 2 n N3 Engineering Drawing 3 n N1 Fitting & Machining 4 n N2 Fitting & Machining 5 n N3 Mechanotechnology 6 n N4 Machines and Properties of Metals 7 n N2 Platers' Theory 8 n N1 Metalworkers Theory 9 n N1 Plating & Structural Steelworker Drawing 10 n N2 Plating & Structural Steelworkers Drawing 11 n N3 Plating & Structural Steelworkers Drawing 12 n N4 Plating & Structural Steelworkers Drawing 13 n N1 Motor Trade Theory 14 n N2 Motor & Diesel Trade Theory 15 n N3 Motor & Diesel Trade Theory 16 n N2 Welders' Theory 17 n N1 Rigging Theory 18 n N2 Rigging Theory 19 n N3 Supervision in Industry 20 n N3 Industrial Organisation and Planning 21 n N3 Motor Electrical Trade Theory 22 n N1 Motor Body Work Theory 23 - (Panel Beating & Spray Painting) n N2 Motor Body Work Theory 24 - (Panel Beating & Spray Painting) n N3 Motor Body Work Theory 25 - (Panel Beating & Spray Painting) ENGINEERING SCIENCE / MATHEMATICS n N1 Engineering Science 26 n N2 Engineering Science 27 n N3 Engineering Science 28 n N4 Engineering Science 29 n N1 Mathematics 30 n N2 Mathematics 31 n N3 Mathematics 32 ii Index con nued ... ELECTRICAL / ELECTRONICS / REFRIGERATION n N1 Electrical Trade Theory 33 n N2 Electrical Trade Theory 34 n N3 Electrotechnolgy 35 n N1 Refrigeration Theory 36 n N2 Refrigeration Theory 37 n N3 Refrigeration Theory 38 n N1 Industrial Electronics 39 n N2 Industrial Electronics 40 n N3 Industrial Electronics 41 INTRODUCTORY / BRIDGING n NCOR Introduction to Engineering Science 42 n NCOR Introduction to Mathematics 43 n NCOR Introduction to Industrial Communication 44 n NCOR Introduction to Engineering Technology 45 n NCOR Introduction to Engineering Drawing 46 DRAWING OFFICE PRACTICE N4 / N5 n N4 Mechanical Draughting 47 n N5 Electrical Draughting 48 n N4 General Draughting 49 n N4 Pictorial Draughting 50 n N4 Mechanical & Drawing Office Orientation 51 n N5 Building Draughting 52 n N5 Structural Steel Detailing 53 n N5 Technical Illustration 54 n N5 Computer-Aided Draughting (CAD) 55 BUILDING and CIVIL n N1 Building Drawing 56 n N2 Building Drawing 57 n N3 Building Drawing 58 n

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