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EXPLORING PAINTING WITH THE FAUVES Art II Lesson 3 OBJECTIVES Students will be able to:  Identify and describe the painting style of the Fauve artists.  Understand why the works of Matisse and Derain outraged critics and labeled them as “wild beasts”.  Discuss the non-traditional use of color in Fauve paintings.  Explore color mixing, and identify emotion expressed through color.  Create a spontaneous landscape painting representing an explosion of color.  Paint like the Fauves! EXPLORING PAINTING Name _______________________ WITH THE FAUVES QUIZ Date ________________________ Print this slide before you go further, due before you being painting. Answer in complete sentences when possible. Most slides have blue links to use to see more of the artist’s work. 1. What do the words Les Fauves mean in French? Why would the critics refer to the artists in this way? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Carefully notice the style of these paintings. List three adjectives that describe these pictures. ______________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________ 3. What are the similarities in these pictures? Look at style, color, and subject matter. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Which picture on this slide do you like the most? Why? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Of the two paintings on this slide, which one is depicting a warm climate? How do you know? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. After looking at several Fauve paintings, why were these paintings described as unusual and unnatural? ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION TO FAUVISM QUESTION #1 OF QUIZ A. Les Fauves (French for The Wild Beasts) were a short-lived and loose grouping of early 20th century artists whose works emphasized qualities and strong color and unrealistic forms. B. While Fauvism as a style began around 1900 and continued beyond 1910, the movement lasted only three years, 1905– 1907, and had three exhibitions. C. The leaders of the movement were Henri Matisse and André Derain. USE QUESTION #2 ON QUIZ Green Stripe, 1905 Henri Matisse Port de Cassis by the Barrier, 1905 Charles Camoin USE QUESTION #3 ON QUIZ Regatta at Cowes RAOUL DUFY Henri Matisse D A Question #4 on Quiz Maurice de C B Vlaminck Kees Van Dongen E Kees Van Dongen George de Feure Georges Braque USE QUESTION #5 ON QUIZ Le Casino Marie-Christine, 1910 Raoul Dufy Paysage à Cassis, 1907 Andre Duran USE QUESTION #6 ON QUIZ STATE STANDARDS  2.0 CREATIVE EXPRESSION  2.4 Develop skill in mixing paints and showing color relationships.  3.0 HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL CONTEXT  3.1 Research and describe how art reflects cultural values in various traditions throughout the world.  Diversity of the Visual Arts 3.2 Compare and contrast works of art from various periods, styles, and cultures and explain how those works reflect the society in which they were made. Open Window, Collioure, 1905 Henri Matisse “WILD BEASTS” - FAUVISM You are going to paint like the Fauves. Have fun with color. Painting the green grass and the sky blue would be too ordinary. Be original in your color choice! Be as wild as the “Wild Beasts”. This project is to have fun and be free Boats in the Harbour, with your choice of

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