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3M Architectural Markets Interior Design Solutions Content 5 3M, a History of Innovation 6 3M Architectural Markets 8 Reference Markets 22 Product Range 38 Application Area’s Known internationally for its TECHNICAL EXPERTISE and HISTORY OF INNOVATION 4 3M, a history of innovation 3M is a diversified technology company delivering innovative solutions to life’s everyday needs. Founded in 1902 in St. Paul, Minnesota, 3M operates in more than 65 countries and its 75.000 products are sold in nearly 200 countries. Innovative 3M technologies range from the adhesives and abrasives with which we have been associated for more than 100 years, to some life-changing new breakthroughs in, for example, nanotechnology, light management and pharmaceuticals. 3M plays a major role in many markets: Display and graphics, Health, Safety and protection, Industry and transportation, Electronics, Communications, Office and consumer products. The reliability of the 3M brand is recognized around the world thanks to its brands: Nexcare™, Post-it®, Scotch®, Scotch-Brite™, Scotchgard™, Command™, Filtrete™, Littermann®, Thinsulate™. 5 3M Architectural Markets 3M is bringing its unique solutions to the architecture and design communities with the launch of a new Architectural Markets Business. 3M Architectural Markets brings the company’s strong tradition of innovation into the design world to help commercial architects, designers and building owners create amazing spaces. 3M Architectural Markets infuses sophisticated design into 3M’s 40-plus unique technological platforms, bringing inspiring new capabilities to the industry. 6 7 The segments in which 3M offers its technological and design capabilities range from office to hospitality, health care, retail, corporate and even marine. Interior decoration is a phenomenon, expanding at both national and global level in all market segments. The reference markets the reference markets Corporate 10 Hospitality 12 Retail & Exhibition 14 Health Care 17 Public Space 19 Residential 21 8 Aesthetic and Fluid Architectural Landscapes 9 reference markets Corporate \ The world of the office is one of the largest markets looking for solutions to upgrade both the environment and space. From partition to glass walls, from floors to furniture, 3M AM materials and solutions offer quick and efficient refurbishment systems, with simple and economical post-installation maintenance. An actual second skin for material and graphic design, with countless compositional options, easy to transport, install and remove. In this context 3M AM products provide the best performance, with designs always in line with the latest trends. image and comfort 10 11 reference markets Hospitality Product quality is conveyed by technology, design The renovation can be carried out in situ, without and efficiency. Essential parameters the use of heavy equipment and consequent noise. in the hospitality industry. 3M AM products This minimizes any unnecessary disruption to day offer solution requirement found in the hotels, to day activity. bars and restaurant environment, such as fire regulations, cleaning, peace of mind. Key advantages of 3M AM solutions are the simplicity and speed of implementation compared to traditional refurbishment techniques. design

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