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Developer Training Apigee Edge Apigee Edge Developer Training DURATION: 4 or 5 days FORMAT: Instructor-led with labs DELIVERY: Public or Private class PREREQUISITES: None HOW IT WORKS: Days 1–4 cover the fundamentals of developing and securing APIs using API Services in Apigee Edge. This can be the extent of the curriculum, or you can add an optional elective to be covered on day 5 that is relevant to your Edge deployment. Each elective module corresponds to one day of training. Hands-on and delivered by Apigee experts, Developer Training is the core training that prepares you to design, build, and deploy an API solution using API Services on Apigee Edge. Developer Training is recommended for all developers working with Apigee Edge, regardless of experience. Analytics Services Ops Developer App Business Business Metrics Metrics Performance Metrics User Developer Services Developer Modeling & API Monetization Developer Portal Management Console API Team API Services API API Security Baas Apps Management Programmability Backend D Developer Training Apigee Edge Delivery Options Public class: To attend an upcoming instructor-led public next open session. class, please visit the Apigee Events page (apigee.com/ Private class: To schedule a private session of Edge about/events) to view the schedule. Seat minimums and Developer Training at a location of your choosing and maximums apply. Apigee reserves the right to cancel a expense, please email education@apigee.com. Seat class if the seat minimum is not reached. In the event of a minimums and maximums apply. cancellation, you will be given a voucher to re-enroll in the Day 1 Day 2 Fundamentals of APIs with Edge Protecting your API: Implementing Security and WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Learn the founda- Authentication in Edge tional elements of API design and then dive into the fundamentals of Edge. You will learn WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Learn how to best practices in API Design, the features and leverage Apigee’s security policies to protect functions of API Proxy elements and you will your APIs from traffic spikes, denial of service build your first policy in Edge. attacks, content-level attacks and more. TOPICS: TOPICS: Apigee Platform Overview API Management and API Key Validation Best practices in RESTful API Design Protection against Content-based Attacks Key API Concepts Authentication, Authorization and Identity Anatomy of a Proxy Connectivity Traffic Management Basic security Other Security Considerations Lab Lab Developer Training Apigee Edge Day 3 Day 4 Further Exploration into Policy Converting, Caching and Application and Function Analyzing your APIs WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Learn and apply WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Learn

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