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SERVICE TECHNICIAN’S TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE FOR THE TRIANGLE TUBE INDIRECT FIRED WATER HEATER 2006-14 TTPTSG-4/06 WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation, if ignored, can result in death, serious injury or sub- stantial property damage. NOTICE Indicates special instructions on installation, operation or maintenance, which are important to the equip- ment/product, but not related to personal injury hazards. WARNING This guide is to be used in conjunction with the TR/Smart Installation and Maintenance manual. Procedures and servicing listed in this manual must be performed by a qualified service technician, installer, service agency or gas supplier. Any procedures or service performed by an unqualified individual or service agency can result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. Introduction Triangle Tube Service Technician’s Trouble Shooting Guide This guide is to be used in conjunction with all Triangle Tube Indirect Fired Water Heaters (TR Series, SMART Series & HL Series) Technical Specifications Installation and Maintenance Guide. Good Trouble Shooting Practices Before leaving for the job site: • Check your parts and tools. - Test equipment and tools that you will need: Electrical meter that can measure voltage and continuity. Pressure gauge, Watts #276H300 Test Gauge. Temperature gauge Bucket, 1 gallon or larger with volume markings. Stopwatch - Parts to solve most problems: Thermostat (Aquastat) Kit P3KITTH01 O-Ring Kit P3KITT0R01 • Know the water heater model number. • Know boiler manufacturer and model number. • Review all appropriate manuals before leaving for the job site. At the job site: • Clarify the problem. • Have this manual and any boiler manuals and/or wiring and piping schematic readily available • Turn to page 2 -- read carefully and follow instructions step by step. Remember !! Follow the Troubleshooting Guide step by step, always double checking your results. Skipping steps or not completing steps can lead to wrong conclusions, repeated visits to the job site, unhappy customers and unnec- essary warranty claims. 1 Index Situation Corrective Action Section Insufficient Hot Water - page 3 - Undersized water heater - Boiler system improperly sized Insufficient Yes - Check component parts Hot Water - Boiler operating temperature - Location of flow control devices - Air in system - Clean boiler system No Excessive Water Temperature - page 6 - Reduce Staking Excessive Domestic Yes - Lowering boiler operating temperature Water Temperature - Relocating T-stat bulb - Reverse boiler piping - Install thermostatic mixing valve No - Recirculation loop Boiler Relief Valve Lifting or Weeping - page 7 - Undersized boiler expansion tank Boiler Relief Valve Yes - Faulty boiler expansion tank Lifting or Weeping - Simulate maximum expansion - Faulty boiler relief valve - Faulty boiler fill valve No - Inner tank leak T&P Relief Valve Lifting or Weeping - page 8 Temperature/Pressure Yes - Undersized or missing domestic Relief Valve Lifting side expansion tank or Weeping - Faulty domestic expansion tank - Faulty T&P relief valve - High domestic supply pressure - Possible water hammering or pressure spikes - Boiler operating temperature Water on the Floor - page 9 Water Found on the Yes - From sources other than the water heater Floor Near the Tank - T&P valve lifting and discharging - Loose piping connections No Top of Tank / Insulation Wet - page 10 Top of Tank/ Yes - From sources other than the water heater Insulation Wet - Loose piping connections - Leakage from the drywell No Water Smells / Taste Bad - page 11 Water Quality Yes - Water smells like "rotten eggs" Problems - Milky water

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