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ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION [Your Company and Product Name Branding] Duro-Fleece® | Single-Ply PVC Roof Membrane ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION VERIFICATION Company Name Duro-Last®, Inc. Product Type Single-ply PVC roofing Product Name Duro-Fleece 50-mil, 60-mil, 80-mil Manufacturing Site 525 Morley Drive Saginaw, MI 48601 EPD Scope Cradle-to-gate Declared Unit 1 m2 Product Description The Duro-Fleece® PVC roof membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation which provides a highly reflective, Company Information durable, and superior quality product. An 18 x 9 weft-inserted Duro-Last, Inc. began in 1978 with the simple need anti-wicking knit scrim that is laminated between two layers of to find a roofing system that worked. Existing roofing PVC film as well as a fleece material that is bound to the systems presented a common problem - they underside of the membrane during manufacturing, gives the required ongoing maintenance and continual membrane its strength and durability. This EPD applies to the expense, with no long-term solution in sight. Duro-Fleece single-ply membrane in white, light gray, charcoal, Investigation of the roofing industry proved that the light tan, patina, copper, blue, and green, 50-mil, 60-mil, and 80- majority of roofing system failures then (and still mil nominal thicknesses. The Duro-Fleece membrane was today) is not due to the roofing system assembly engineered to be used with the complete line of Duro-Last’s itself, but to workmanship onsite. To solve this proven, precision-fabricated flashings for curbs, stacks, and problem we brought our roofing system "in-house," parapets. Duro-Fleece can be installed using mechanically developing custom prefabrication methods and attached or adhered methods. The fleece offers enhanced specialized equipment that allows us to complete the adhesion characteristics between the membrane and the difficult details with custom prefabricated substrate. All commercial warranted installations are inspected by accessories. The result is lower on-site labor costs Duro-Last’s certified Quality Assurance Technical and better installation quality. Duro-Last is now the Representatives. world's largest manufacturer of prefabricated roofing systems. The Duro-Last Roofing System, contractor installation team, customer service and warranty all set the quality standards for the roofing industry. Date of Issue: 10/08/2015 EPD Program Operator - NSF International Date of Update: 09/27/2017 789 N. Dixboro Rd. Valid Until: 10/08/2020 Ann Arbor MI 48105 USA Declaration#: EPD10065 www.nsfsustainability.org ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION [Your Company and Product Name Branding] ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION VERIFICATION EPD Information Program Operator NSF International Declaration Holder Duro-Last, Inc. Date of Issue Product: Duro-Fleece 10/08/2015 Valid Until Declaration Number 50-mil, 60-mil and 80-mil Date of Update: 10/08/2020 EPD10065 09/27/2017 This EPD was independently verified by NSF International in accordance with ISO 14025 and ISO 21930: Jenny Oorbeck Internal External

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