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ARK-330A / 310A AR-330A / 310A Specifications NIDEK's Innovative Auto Refractometer for Auto refractometer AR-330A AR-310A Measurable range Sphere -30.00D to +25.00D (VD=12 mm) Higher Precision and Better Operability. Cylinder (0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D increments) 0D to ±12D (0.01 / 0.12 / 0.25D increments) Axis 0º to 180º (1º/ 5º increments) High Speed Printer with   Measurable minimum pupil diameter PD measurable range ø 2 mm 30 to 85 mm (1 mm increments) Excellent Reliability Easy Loading & Auto Cutter (Near point PD: 28 to 80 mm at WD=40 cm) X-Y-Z directions, Auto shooting Y direction, Auto shooting Auto tracking & Auto shooting The AR-330A/310A incorporates a high speed and user-friendly printer, and the Virtual vision comparison Chart Display Range: -20 to +20D Scenery chart Tiltable 5.7-inch color LCD Not available AR-330A / 310A Printer Built-in thermal type line printer printer paper can be changed easily. Interface (Easy loading and auto cutter) RS-232C (IN / OUT) AUTO REFRACTOMETER

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